Saturday, 5 March 2016

Review - Cecilia de Rafael Zafiro 50 Denier Velvet Touch

Cecilia de Rafael

I finally got round to writing my latest review, sorry for the wait!

I bought them from DressMyLegs in a nice teal 'Blu Notte' colour, the customer service was very good, asked if they could help in any way with my purchasing needs and the products arrived promptly.  What I really like about their website is the colour comparison, when you hover over a colour it gives you more than the normal 'Marino' colour description.


"In a range of classy colours with such premium quality features as flat seams and shaped heel, these 50 Denier opaque tights are an all-seasons favourite! Thanks to the new 3D technology, they will cling to your legs like a second skin for a velvety soft, sleek finish all day long."

The tights are 50 denier, they come with a reinforced toe and the brief is sheer to waist.

Fabric Content: 88% polyamide, 12% elastene

They are available in 5 sizes, I got them in Size 4

Cecilia de Rafael have made a wide colour range, all though I haven't found them all when searching, this maybe due to getting close to the end of the season though.

Zafiro 50 Denier Velvet Touch Tights by Cecilia de Rafael

The tights are soft, comfortable and fit really well, even around the ankle (probably due to the Lycra 3D technology).  The waistband sits really nicely above the waist and so far today I haven't had to pull them up or adjust them.  On me the tights come up a less opaque than the picture above, but I personally like the level opacity.  


As I mentioned I got mine from DressMyLegs, priced at €11.95, but they are also available from other stores including UK Tights whom I've found to be very good in the past.


They feel really well made, good value and I'd love to get them in a few different colours as I think they could be a staple of my wardrobe!  I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for reading as as always feel free to comment or message me on Twitter if you have any questions.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

New products to review

Hi All,

I have recently purchased a few tights from Dress my Legs that I'll review when I get the change.
  • Zafiro 50 Denier Velvet Touch Tights by Cecilia de Rafael
  • All Colours 50 Denier 3D Opaque Tights by Oroblu
  • Rosalia 40 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights by Gatta
  • 50 Denier 3D Coloured Opaque Tights by Pamela Mann

I tried them all on when they arrived and the Cecilia de Rafael and Oroblu tights in particular are really nice, looking forward to reviewing them :)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review - M&S 60 Denier Body Sensor™ Opaque Tights

Here's my latest review - Body Sensor™ Opaque Tights from M&S


"Our Body Sensor™ technology is designed to keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm."
  • Comfort waistband
  • Reinforced toe
  • Added stretch"
They are part of the Body Sensor™ range at M&S covering 40-120 denier, I bought the 60 denier which come in Black, Chocolate or Navy three packs or a mixed pack with one of each colour.  I opted for the mixed pack.  The chocolate and navy are really nice shades and the opacity is as it appears in the picture below, not fully opaque.

They come in 5 sizes

Composition: 88% polyamide, 11% elastane lycra and 1% cotton

The sizing is spot on, the Large size fits me well at 6 foot but I don't think they would fit anyone taller.  They mould to the leg well with no sagging around the ankles while not being too tight and the waistband sits nicely just above the hips.

I have worn them a few times now and they seem to wash well and so far they haven't snagged.

In terms of their description "keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm." they certainly keep me warm and as yet I haven't overheated in them!


At 3 for £8.00 these are great tights, they are perfect for every day wear and bulking up your tights collection.  I'm really impressed with the quality M&S are able to supply at that price.

I'd be interested to see how the 40 denier compare, especially as we are hopefully getting into spring soon and may need something a little lighter soon!

I hope you've enjoyed my latest review. As always feel free to post any comments or questions and thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review - Trasparenze Wilma Cotton Tights

Firstly sorry for the long wait between reviews, work has been manic!

A while back when the temperature plummeted I thought I'd crack out the cotton tights, specifically I pulled out my Trasparenze Wilma Cotton Tights bought from UKTights. (As always delivery was prompt and the items well packaged)

They are described as:
"The most luxurious high cotton item in the Trasparenze range. There are many cotton items but it is Italian wool that Trasparenze are more known for. Wool is beautiful fabric, but a high cotton item is something that can be just as luxurious, if not more. Less woolly and more soft and velvety, cotton opaque tights can be just as warm for winter and yet they feel nicer to the touch for many who prefer this material over wool."

They come in four colours (Nero, Nero Melange, Marrone, Marrone Melange)

and 5 sizes

I got them in Nero Melange (XL - 4 ) which is a really nice grey colour.  The fit is perfect (enough room from a male perspective), the waistband doesn't dig in and as the description above states, they are beautifully soft and velvety unlike some cotton tights that can be a bit coarse.   I would guess from my experience that they would fit up to 6'1" and there was still a bit of stretch in them with my 31" waist.

Theses are the perfect tights for a cold day, I'd jumped out of the shower and was freezing, the second I put these on I immediately felt warm and cosy.  Other cotton tights I've tried have felt like wearing socks that go all the way up, the great thing about these is that they still feel like tights.

Appearance wise if you were wearing them under trousers you could easily get away with not wearing socks, they are also warm enough to wear with shorts on a colder day.

They stayed up well all day and I almost didn't want to take them off to go to bed!


The only stockist I've found have been UKTights, Trasparenze's own website even redirect you to UKTights.


These are good value at £12.99, they feel like I will get a good few years out of them.  The perfect pair of tights for a touch of luxury on a cold day! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Interview with Hosiery for Men

Recently I was interviewed by Hosiery For Men, for those that haven't read it here's the link:

I'd like to also say a big thank you to Hosiery For Men and Legwear Fashion For Men for their support of my blog!

More reviews coming soon when I'm not swamped with work!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Tights - Review

As with my first review I am focussing on what I am wearing today.

Before Christmas I was browsing for some pre-Christmas deals and came across these on UKTights

They are available in six colours and three sizes:


"A collection of feature-rich, premium opaque products made from the most luxurious yarns.

These beautiful soft, Aristoc 80 Navy Denier tights are knitted using smooth microfibre yarns for extreme softness and a velvet-like touch.

  • Aristoc 80D Microfibre Nylon/Elastane 3D leg that is extremely comfortable & has an exceptional fit
  • Deep comfort waistband and sheer opaque to waist
  • Flat seamed with cotton gusset
  •  94% Nylon, 5% Elastane, 1% Cotton excluding waistband"

I thought I'd give them a go so bought them in Navy (M/L) along with a couple of items that I'll hopefully get round to reviewing sometime soon :)

Delivery from UKTights was prompt and they came well packaged.

First impressions when I opened them was that they are some of the softest tights I have ever felt, not a silk soft, more velvety as described and certainly live up to the 'luxury' title from that perspective.  They also have a small Aristoc label in the back which is a nice touch.

Even though I was already wearing tights I had to change and try these on there and then.  The fit is really good, my waist is 30\32" and some larger tights can fall down a bit but these stay up well and still feel as if they have a bit of extra stretch in them even with me being 6 foot.  From a man's perspective the gusset is very comfortable, some tights I've tried can be a little too tight for the male anatomy but these are the perfect balance between staying up without digging in. The waistband is also very comfortable and sits well on the waist or hips.

Being 80 denier they are a little thicker but they don't overheat you and work well in a wide temperature range.  They have a nice matte appearance and on my legs they are almost completely opaque.


As mentioned above I bought them from UKTights (currently £8.99) who have a wide range of Aristoc products.

They are also available from Aristoc's own website and PrettyPolly who again have a number of Aristoc items available.


I cannot speak highly enough of these tights especially considering the £8.99 price tag, the best endorsement I can give is that I went back and bought them in 4 more colours! I now have them in everything except wine.  They are my 'go to' tights when I have freshly shaved my legs and can really appreciate that velvety softness.

I'd like to try more from Aristoc's 'Ultimate Luxury Leg' range at some point, particularly the 50 denier to see how they compare.

Thank you for reading and feel free to post any comments or questions :)

Friday, 8 January 2016

Oroblu - New Intense 50 Opaque review

I sat down to write my first review and decided the best place to start was with the pair I am wearing today - New Intense 50 Opaque  from Oroblu.


'Microfiber hosiery with tridimensional elasticity, opaque. Incredibly soft and fashionable, hugs the legs like a second skin for a perfect fit every moment of the day. Flat seams with cotton gusset, size Maxi with big gusset.'

'Opaque matt tights, made with precious yarns of soft microfiber and elastane, with Progress 3Dimension technology. Very close-knitted and plain stitch, with a perfect wearability, wrapping legs in a soft embrace. Flat seams, with cotton gusset and big gusset for Maxi size. Ironed.'

They are 50 denier and available in three colours Black, Moka & Singapour:

They come in sizes 1-5

Composition: 92% Nylon - 8% Elastane

I bought them in black and as I am 6'' tall went for size 5, a good decision as the 'big gusset' leaves a little extra space for the male anatomy and height wise they fit perfectly.  They are very nice to wear, soft, smooth, mould well to the leg and have good stretch. 

The tights have a cotton gusset although almost appear sheer to waist and they sit well on the hips or pulled up to the waist. 

 I have worn them a few times now and they seem to wash well, stay up all day and don't snag easily.


They are available through they're own website,
MyBoutiqueItalia who deliver to the UK and have a wide range of Oboblu tights.
and Hosieria

UKTights do not stock these specific tights but do have a good variety of Oboblu including the new 'Different' range which is getting very good reviews.

TightsPlease also do not stock this specific item but have a good range of Oboblu products as well.


Overall I am very pleased with them especially priced at £9.95, they offer very good value for money, are very nice to wear and I'd highly recommend them.
I'd like to try more from Oboblu, particularly the All Colors 50 and the Satin 60 Opaque as I think the extra silkiness would work well under trousers but also be thick enough to wear with shorts if I choose to.

I hope you've enjoyed my first review, feel free to post any comments or questions and thank you for reading :)